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del Norte - Time to Skate Graphic el Guapo - K66 Graphic
del Norte - Time to Skate Graphic
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el Guapo - K66 Graphic
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The shape that launched the company. Del Norte is the "Spirit Animal" of the Vaquero brand. We originally designed it as a tribute to the past, and a nod to the future. Turns out, it was an all-terrain destroyer. New school functionality combined with old school style. For this run, we went through the process of trying to refine the shape to squeeze even more performance out of it but as it turns out, all we needed were some simple adjustments. We kept the shape as it has always been, but we've brought the wheelbase in to 15" and replaced the Z-15 mold with the more modern and higher performing PS-101.5 (extended version of the PS-101). The net result is an even more functional and fun to ride version of the SAME BOARD! Find out for yourself. Vaquero Skates are designed and made by skaters.
32.125"l x 9.25"w x 15.00"wb
Pool sized, street smart. Made for every sort of terrain: pools, parks, banks, ditches, rails, curbs, streets...and it's a great seat for eating tacos. A super fun everything board, for skaters who skate everything and have super fun. Cold pressed rock maple on the PS Stix PS-101 mold.
32.00" x 9.0" x 14.25"wb

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