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  Paleta 7 3/4
Paleta 7 3/4
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Paleta - Piquin Paleta 7-3/4
Paleta - Piquin
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Paleta 7-3/4
Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
El Precio: $45.00
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With a design lineage that spans five decades, this new Vaquero deck captures the essence of the entire combined history of skateboarding and propels it forward. Design queues taken from the earliest production skateboards through today fused with surfing, attainig the highest level of functionality. 8 1/2" width combined with a 14 5/8" wheelbase on a standard size PS-101 mold. 7 1/8" nose, and 6 3/4" tail. Stay connected to the history and progression of skateboarding, while launching higher and further into the future A pure popsicle, sized for the groms and little rats. 6.75" Nose, 6.625" Tail, 14" Wheelbase pressed onto a full sized PS-101 mold. The relaxed distance from the trucks to the kicks lowers their height and mellows out the ends of the board. Not just for the parritos, cold pressed rock maple can handle ultra dad sized riders, or anyone who likes a small skate.