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Classic style is timeless. Smooth lines meld form and function into an objects that are greater than the sum of their parts, pushing performance and beauty into the future.
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Centauro del Norte was one of Pancho Villa's many nicknames, as was Pancho Villa actually...This deck is 9.0" wide, with a broad 7" nose, longish 15 3/8" wheelbase and long 6 7/8" tail. Dimensioned for bowls, vert, and bigger riders, it gets done with 9 inches what most "old school" decks need at least another half inch to accomplish. There is just none where there doesn't need to be, no absence where there does. Aiding that is the fact that this is built using a new mold that pushes the kicks another half inch out from center, providing a proper leverage point for a longer wheelbase board. Cold pressed rock maple provides pop, and durability. This is a deck that outperforms it's already outstanding design, materials, and manufacture. But how would you know, until you ride one??